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  • Earn Rakuten Super Points ! Use them for payment!

    Members who login using their Rakuten ID can earn and use Rakuten Super Points.

  • One of a kind travel experiences

    Staying in a local residence offers a unique experience unmatched by a hotel. You can interact with locals and also make your own food if kitchen facilities are available!

  • Also for cheap stays

    Unlike hotels in Japan that charge prices per person, we charge per room which leaves you with a lot more to spend!

  • All properties have been approved

    All listed properties are legitimate properties that have been examined and approved, so you can make reservations with confidence.


Total Registered  12201 Rooms /
Authorization Approved  11310 Rooms
(Published  8197 Rooms) ( As of 5/25)

* 1 If a single property has more than one room that can be reserved individually, each one is considered as a separate room.