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The exact refund date depends on your credit card company. Usually the refund is processed within 2 months. If you have not received a refund after 2 months, please contact our customer support from: Vacation STAY Customer Support

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There are no fees for adding a property as a host.

Categories: Cancel, Payment

You can download a receipt from the booking detail page.

Category: Payment

There are two types of reservation methods

1. Instant booking
The reservation will be accepted automatically if the property is available, without any explicit action from the host. This option is enabled by the host.

2. Request booking
The reservation will be initially treated as a “”request”” until the host accepts the reservation. If the host does not accept the reservation within 24 hours, the reservation is automatically rejected.

Category: Payment

It is usually included in the room price, but please check the detailed room information.

Category: Payment

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